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What To Look For In Your Restaurant’s Front Of House Staff

The front of house staff is the first set of people your customers will see. They set the tone for the rest of the dining experience for many. This is one reason why you need to have the best in the industry.

5 Tips On How To Get Good Restaurant Reviews

Bad restaurant reviews can be hard to recover from. With a few tips you can provide great dining experiences to your customers consistently and in turn receive good reviews on every platform.

5 Things Not To Do On Your Restaurant’s Social Media

If you're still trying to ace the social media game, don't sweat it. You aren't the only one. Every brand out there, restaurant or not, is trying to win over users online on a daily basis. There are a few things you can do, but there are also a few things shouldn't.

Are You Appealing To Your Restaurant’s Target Customer?

Your restaurant's target customer is important to set the overall vibe of your restaurant. You can then focus on giving your customer the best experience. Think about location, concept, price points, USP and more.

“Innovation is important to build your brand”

We engaged with Rahul Leekha for a freewheeling chat over about what makes Coffee by Di Bella the go-to coffee shop, their products, innovation and more… over a cup of coffee, of course!

5 Food Trends To Boost Restaurant Sales

Food trends don’t always begin at restaurants and reach people. More often than not, they are embraced by restaurants after seeing their popularity among food lovers. Either way, it’s a great way to stay relevant and keep up with your customers.

5 Ways To Make Your Restaurant Menu Better

You want customers to order more and different dishes from your restaurant's menu? Then give it a makeover without adding or removing dishes. Colours, fonts, placement of dishes and even the layout of your menu matters. Simple tricks can work wonders if you pay close attention.

How Can You Attract More Customers?

Attracting more customers means not only learning new things and applying them in your daily operations, but also unlearning many 'business tricks' that may have worked decades ago. A few tweaks in your everyday work and you're sure to see a change.

“Only if you listen to your customers, business will thrive”

Kainaz Messman is the brain, sweat and passion behind Theobroma. From helping her mother out in her catering business when she was a little girl to building a patisserie empire of her own, Kainaz has come a long way as shares some of her experiences that made her strong entrepreneur today.

Zomato’s Infra Services Helping Restaurants Expand

If you've wanted to expand your business and haven't done it yet, this post is for you. The biggest roadblocks to opening more restaurants are funding and real estate. With Zomato Infrastructure Services, we'll help you get there without the stress of planning and funding. Just walk in, get cooking and delivering!