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Ragini Das | April 18, 2019
Every little thing matters

Someone at work last week asked me what my best day at Zomato has been. Having had the chance to…


Deepinder Goyal | April 5, 2019
Annual Report FY19

The future of food. And what we learnt, what we did right, and wrong in the last year.


Mohit Gupta | March 20, 2019
A greater step towards food safety

We have introduced tamper-proof packaging to strengthen our grip against food tampering.


Deepinder Goyal | March 1, 2019
Hyperpure v0.2 – now set to supply 2500+ restaurants every day in Bangalore

This is more than just about sprawling warehouses. Read to know more.


Deepinder Goyal | February 25, 2019
Project Clampdown

Beginning March, we are launching a Zomato Review Bounty program for 30 days.


Deepinder Goyal | February 25, 2019
Table Reservations Update – a million reservations a month!

Here’s how we are making ‘spoilt-for-choice’ a reality with our TR services.